For more than 25 years Daphne follows its mission – to create clothes for the modern active woman. In Mall Plovdiv you can find the latest collections of the brand that has turned into a symbol of quality and elegance.

Our customers can feel the impressive quality of the fabrics coming from established European manufacturers and appreciate the elegance of the patterns, designed to highlight the uniqueness of the female body. Daphne expects to cater to customers whose attitude to the world aligns with the idea of our clothes  –  elegant and fluent in the art to living.

Daphne’s collection includes a wide range of the winter palette hues – beige and brown, brick red, dark green and wine, which are present both in the jersey fabrics and the knitted dresses in gorgeous multicolored prints, perfectly highlighting the silhouette. The classic colors in the winter wardrobe – gray and black are presented in a monochrome version in luxury knits, tweed, jersey, eco leather and lace.

Phone: 052 /50 20 88; 0886 73 53 08
E-mail: daphne@daphne.bg
Website: daphne.bg
Facebook: facebook.com/Daphne


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