Cinema City Mall Plovdiv

Cinema City Mall Plovdiv opened in March 2009. It is equipped with the latest and greatest cinema technology. Its interior has an impressive design and functionality. The cinema has 11 modern halls, 8 of which are 3D, with a total capacity of 1663 seats. Cinema City offers a high standard of cinema entertainment, which the company is already known in this country with – big screens, top-class projectors, including 8 halls equipped for 3D projection, 5-channel digital surround sound and comfortable interior to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. The audience is able to fully immerse itself in the magic of the great movies.

Since December 2016 Cinema City Mall Plovdiv offers 4DX experience. First 4DX technology is established in South Korea in 2009. It comes in Europe in 2013. The special effects stimulate the senses of the audience beyond the limits of the audio-visual experience in mainstream movie theaters. Watching a movie in this format is a mixture of effects synchronized with the action on screen.

The magic happens with the special 4DX™ seat. Each seat moves on 3 axes of motions: rolling, heaving and pitching. They vibrate or tilt and the viewers are pushed in the back (eg when there is fight on the screen), touched suddenly (surprising action or tense moment), and the flyby of bullets in the action is felt by whizzing of rapid air streams near the ears.

The ambient effects start from various locations and panels in the hall and can be various: wind – tropical breeze or storm, fog, splashing water – wave or rain, bubbles, lightning, and many others.

4DX experience is not recommended for children under 4 years as well as pregnant women, people with epilepsy, high blood pressure or other serious health problems.



Working time:
Mon – Fri 16:00 – 21:45
Sat & Sun 11:30 – 21:45

Телефон: +359 88 236 4341
Facebook: CinemaCityBulgaria

Cinema City Mall Plovdiv

Cinema City Mall Plovdiv – second floor