Fan Point Store

Fan Point Store offers collections of popular world-known brands for apparel, footwear and accessories: G-Star RAW and G-Star RAW Footwear, SCOTCH & SODA; SCOTCH & SODA Footwear and MAISON SCOTCH.

G-Star RAW

Since its creation in 1989, the G-Star brand philosophy has always been “Just the product”. This approach has led to many innovations in the field of denim: launching the concept of ‘luxury denim on the street’; the creation of a new sector in the denim industry by blending craftsmanship with the street spirit; the popularization of the raw denim as an attractive material to wear; the development of their characteristic silhouette; and the use of architectural and 3-D thinking in denim design. G-Star RAW offers a casual, multi-occasional wardrobe that is made up of modern cuts, luxurious materials, and witty branded jackets, shirts, knits, and apparel.

Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda love to make great clothes that are appropriate for everyone. The Scotch & Soda branded products are of high quality, great detail and good value. Their designers spare no effort in creating products inspired by well-known and proven classic and vintage styles from around the world. The Scotch & Soda brand has been known since the 1980s. Maison Scotch, their collection for ladies, came to the market with Spring-Summer 2010 collection and already contributes significantly to the development of the company.

Cruyff Classics

Johan Cruyff founded his own sophisticated sportswear brand in 1979. He wanted to eliminate old-fashioned sportswear forever. Now, Cruyff Classics is a modern / lifestyle brand and creator of Football Luxury. Cruyff Classics makes high quality, stylish shoes with a luxurious look that makes you feel overwhelmed. Products embody innovation, and are made using new materials and techniques. A brand for people with ambition and their own vision.

The new face of Fan Point comes with several new brands – these are a collection of:

 Dirk Bikkemberg – Shoes

“As a fashion designer I have always been inspired by real people – street people who live real lives. In the 90s I noticed that sports and fashion share the same values ​​- and they are also my values: men power and self-control to full devotion and passion. These two worlds seem to merge even more for the sake of social and lifestyle evolution. In my creative vision for the future, sport meets fashion in something completely new: the sport of fashion. ” The Dirk Bikkembergs brand embodies an inimitable line that sculpts for the athlete and the athletic lifestyle. Convenience and functionality are key elements of collections. However, the brand also holds the perfect cuts, high quality fabrics and flawless details.

Karl Lagerfeld – Shoes

The Karl Lagerfeld Women’s and Men’s Collection are created in the brand’s distinctive colors – black, white and gray. Karl Lagerfeld’s new product offerings include shoes: high heel boots and platform boots, low elastic bands and sneakers, decorated with holographic elements. Some of the models come in many different colors and are accented with the brand name or logo.

Love Moschino – shoes and accessories

When fashion is love, it must be declared with Love Moschino. The Moschino line has a modern and youthful spirit, possessing all the elements of urban culture that make it so desirable. Signed for Love Moschino is the heart motif that finds its place on clothing in the form of prints and accessories as applique.

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