New colorful school backpacks Samsonite. Friendly for your children’s back.

New colorful school backpacks Samsonite. Friendly for your children’s back.


To the attention of all mum and dads,

this year А.T.G. Lifestyle have prepared again a rich and very colorful assortment of school backpacks Samsonite for your little ones! Disney’s series with Mikey and Minnie are back again! The mise and their friends expect to be taken by the hand and off to the classroom! Lets mention the new additions of  AmericanKids with their bubbly, colorful and diverse models backpacks for girls and boys, which will make your the school attendance and kindergarden much more exciting!

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This year you have a rich choice of assortments from different models backpacks for kids and grown ups.

The specialist from А.T.G. Lifestyle know how heavy can the school backpacks be, especially among the firstgraders. They emphasize on that, that the backpacks are equipped with ergonomic handles/straps with air padded (air stream) which protect the back and the bone structure of your child. The backpacks are made out of anti-allergy materials, which are PVC Free.


For all little cute ones amongst you, who take on the road to knowledge and new opportunities, we offer some functional options:
​The classic Disney and Marvel heroes, who have been next to you and continue to make you happy until today


have padded straps and belts who take off the weight of the kid’s shoulders. The many heroes from the animated movies await their owner! The internal organiser responds to the needs of all students. You can save all that is necessary from pens to colorful pencils, rulers to notebooks and books. Every backpack is equipped with a reflex reflector concerning the children’s safety on the streets, which makes them suitable backpacks for all first graders!
​The wide gamma of models, expands over all age limits – from backpacks for kindergardeners, to school pupils and those for grown up parents.

If you really want to stay unnoticed, then the perfect models of the AmericanKids are not for you. The backpacks are actual, healthy and empowering! Allow yourself to be different!!

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For all the teens the series with glowing prints with cosmic cards or integrated headphones are extremely compact and suitable!


You can review all models here.

Going to school or kindergarden has never been so exciting and funny!

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