SDI is the first insurance broker that created and operates a chain of offices for provision of insurance and financial services on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.

The company was founded in 2004 by the long-term professionals in the area of the insurance business.

SDI is also one of the founders of Bulgarian Association of the Insurance Brokers (BAIB).

Our credo is that the good broker should be as much close to his clients as possible providing an opportunity the customer to choose among the best products offered by the leading insurance companies. Therefore we continue to expand our chain of offices, which nowadays includes more than 200 offices in 33 cities in Bulgaria, where excellently trained specialists work.

SDI further arrange for his clients competent legal assistance and advice upon occurrence of an insurance event with the idea the customer to receive a fair insurance compensation.

Phone: +359 800 11 300
Instagram: sdi_broker

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