The company offers perfumes inspired by world-famous names. At the core of the selection of fragrances and their development are the world fashion trends. Perfume is an odor composition, a mixture of natural and synthetic substances. According to the concentration of essential oils, they are divided into different groups. Increasing the concentration of the perfume composition increases the durability and product price. Myth is the notion that only designer perfumes of the selective class use only natural oils. About 80% of the world’s perfumes are based on chemical compounds.

In other words, PARFEN essences contain similar ratios, between natural and synthetic oils, to those of the selective class.

Our products have been developed on an individual project in leading European laboratories. Each perfume is packed in a 75 ml or 100ml crystalline vial. The concentration in ladies is 22% (parfum) and 18% (eau de parfum) in males. Fragrances meet all European requirements and standards and have the necessary documentation and safety certificates. They have been certified at the base in Brussels under the requirements of Decree-Law № 36 from 2005.

From 2013 PARFEN successfully operates on the Bulgarian market under the strict control of its headquarters in Germany.

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