Pizza Lab opens its doors for the first time in 2015 in Sofia and has since established itself as the favorite pizza of a person who is modern, dynamic and insisting on the quality of food!

What distinguishes us is the freedom that we give our customers to develop their imagination and choose whatever additives they want, with the price of the pizza not changing.

And the products? The dough – traditionally white or healthy whole grain – we mix it ourselves. We offer a huge variety of sauces, high-quality cheeses, sausages and fresh vegetables, with which you can create countless pizza combinations according to your mood. In addition, thanks to our innovative ovens, the pizza is baked in less than 2 minutes! We also offer a salad bar, where you have the same freedom to create your salad with selected supplements and sauces. We have also taken care of the perfect finish of your meal – a variety of tempting desserts and exotic fruit drinks.