Obag Store

O bag is an innovative Italian brand, created in 2009 by a group of creative designers led by the idea of ​​breaking all the clichés about the permanent vision of a product.

The first set of innovative products is the O Clock with a removable silicone strap, characterized by pure minimalism and multicolourism. O Clock is the most preferred gift choice that allows several thousand combination with attractive packaging.

Subsequently, the changing bag O Bag was created, which became a total hit in Italy and now in many other countries around the world. O Bag captivates its customers with an unmistakably changing vision that allows the end result to satisfy the age, occupation and style of each lady. O Bag can be beach, sports, everyday, stylish, extravagant and very different depending on the personalization of its component parts. In the collection of innovative products, successfully find their place bags like O Bag Mini, O Chic, O City, O Fifty, O Pocket, O Basket, O Folder, O Sun Glasses, O Bracelets.

Thanks to the know-how technology and creativity of designers, new and innovative products combining quality and design are always being created based on a strong Italian tradition.

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