After more than 5,000 stores in 100 countries around the world, MINISO is now in Bulgaria.

MINISO welcomes you with its motto: “Better life has nothing to do with price”. This is the brand mission of the brand, which delivers quality and high-level designed goods to consumers.

From the development of the products to the feeling they provoke in customers, MINISO is based on three main principles:

Affordable high quality – These are the guidelines for MINISO from design to materials.

Delight – The reaction customers experience while in a MINISO store.

Carefree – The calm and happy feeling when encountering a wide variety of goods available.

To meet the needs of young consumers, MINISO innovates through co-branding partnerships with popular brands such as We Bare Bears, Disney characters, Minions, Coca-Cola and many others.

MINISO offers a wide range of goods such as children’s toys, appliances, home and office accessories, home textiles and fun leisure products.

MINISO – Life is for fun.

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