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TALLY WEiJL is an international brand offering apparel, accessories and footwear in line with the latest trends in world fashion. TALLY WEiJL creates designs for the latest MUST-HAVES for every season! The hottest trends and styles are intertwined by the brand’s design team to transform the best materials into a variety of collections.

TALLY WEiJL offers everything you a lady needs in over 900 stores in 39 countries around the world. The choices are limitless – from ultra-modern denim to romantic dresses.

Over the last few years, TALLY WEIJL has been steadily expanding its place on the fashion scene, opening more than 100 stores a year! Today, TALLY WEIJL is one of the world’s largest players in the fashion retail industry. TALLY WEiJL takes care of every client to find the perfect look and accessories for both casual and evening looks, generally they provide clothing for any occasion!

The mission of the brand is to make women wearing TALLY WEiJL products feel comfortable and special every day. Always modern, always up-to-date, always colorful, glamorous and stylish. And most of all – always so sexy. TALLY WEiJL – totally sexy!

Phone: +359 884 16 15 43
E-mail:  tallyweijl.plovdiv@gmail.com
Website: ww.tally-weijl.com
Facebook: facebook.com/TALLYWEiJL.official/

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