Polaroid Corner

Polaroid Pop-up corner is the first of its kind kiosk in Plovdiv city where people can experience the full collection of Polaroid eyewear. The Pop-up corner offers its customers the chance to fully discover and test all the category lines offered by the popular brand – starting from the well-known sporty selection, the funky fresh Urban Casual offers, and last but not least the full colorfully rich kids collection. Polaroid per se has been established in 1937 and it is the first company to integrate the polarization technology in the field of optics. Generally, the main advantages of Polaroid Eyewear and their polarized lenses are the high level of protection they offer, glare-free vision, clear contrast, daily comfort, bright colors, and a great price-quality ratio. The long history of innovation and deep experience makes Polaroid eyewear one of the most popular brands in world.

Phones: 0878 49 75 22
Website: www.opticlasa.com

Polaroid Corner – Ground floor