DSK Bank is part of the Hungarian OTP Bank Group, one of the leading bank groups in Central and East Europe. In its history spanning over 67 years DSK Bank has managed to create and maintain sustainable relations with all client groups. Traditionally voted a leader in trust by the users of financial services in Bulgaria and a long-standing top retail bank, DSK Bank has also gained a status of a reliable partner to the business in Bulgaria. Among the institution’s top priorities is the implementation of innovative approaches to bank products and services and the ways to offer them. Another key focus of the Bank’s policies is modernization and enhancing of bank service accessibility by applying the latest IT achievements across the entire specter of operations. Pursuing sustainable relations with the young customers’ segment and developing and implementing banking channels suited to their way of life is another of DSK Bank’s major objectives.

Phone: (+359 32) 612180; (+359 32) 612183;
Website: dskbank.bg
Facebook: dskbank

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