New adidas Alphaskin Collection

New adidas Alphaskin Collection


adidas Alphaskin is wrapped around the moving body to follow the direction of athletes’ movements. The new design eliminates distracting seams to help athletes focus on their performance in competition and training. Alphaskin is available in a range of compression levels to meet the needs of all athletes.


Herzogenaurach, GERMANY (January 12, 2018) – Today adidas revolutionizes base layer technology to empower athletes in training and competition with the launch of Alphaskin.

While today’s athletes reach unprecedented peaks of performance, they also require unprecedented levels of focus. The kinetic wrapped design of adidas Alphaskin eliminates unwanted distractions by moving with the critical areas of athletes in motion.

Unlike traditional base layers, each section of Alphaskin is carefully constructed to match the body’s movements in sport. By removing unnatural friction between the fabric and skin, athletes wearing Alphaskin are able to fully focus on delivering in training and competition.
Rob Lee, Vice President of design for adidas Training said: “We’re committed to creating only the best for athletes and that’s exactly what we’ve done with the disruptive design of Alphaskin. After taking a deep dive into their movements, needs and culture, we created a performance layer that keeps up with all of those elements.

Alphaskin was made to enable and move with athletes’ bodies while they compete or train and help eliminate the unwanted distractions of base layers from the past. By using our highly advanced ARAMIS system instead of a traditional static mannequin for testing, we were able to understand how to make Alphaskin and athlete’s bodies move as one. This allowed us to create a wrapped performance layer that truly dials into the movements of athletes across all sports.”


Karlie Kloss, Supermodel, New York City said: “Designed to support, breathe and move with me, Alphaskin tells my body it’s time to train.”


Damian Lillard, Point Guard, Portland said: “As soon as I put Alphaskin on, I’m ready to step on the court. I feel locked in and ready to work when I’m wearing it.”


Dak Prescott, Quarterback, Dallas, said: “When I wear Alphaskin it’s time for business. It’s the only performance layer that matches my focus on the field.”


Luis Suarez, Striker, Barcelona, said: “Putting on Alphaskin gives me the same feeling as lacing up my boots before I step onto the pitch. It gets my head in the game and ready to play my best.”
Alphaskin offers kinetic wrapping in a range of compression levels that suit each athlete’s personal preference.

– Alphaskin’s highest compression for a locked-in feel.
– Flat, bonded reflective seams provide a distraction-free fit.

– Mid-level compression for a secure feel.
– Sleek design delivers a flattering, supportive fit.
– Features CLIMACHILL technology to keep athletes super cool and dry.

– Light compression for a supportive feel.
– Features CLIMACOOL technology to keep athletes cool and dry.

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