Drone days at Mall Plovdiv

Drone days at Mall Plovdiv


Join us for the first ever DroneUp daytime programme. On 26 – 27 august we will bring drones to the foreground and provide everyone with the opportunity to get in close contact with them. Share an exciting weekend devoted to drones with us in Mall Plovdiv.

Visit the drone exhibition and learn all about them. Meet the experts, who will help you fly a drone.

Don’t miss: Demos and workshops on flying a drone
Copter.bg and Yuneec.bg will show their products in action. Sign up at their stalls in Mall Plovdiv and test the drones yourself during a controlled demonstration.

For the dexterous: “Build yourself a plane” – workshop for kids and grown ups –
Construct your own cardboard plane, take to the skies and conquer the clouds.

Our activities continue on Sunday as well. Then you will be able to meet the most established Bulgarian importers of drones, accessories and photo equipment.

Don’t miss: Flying demos in Mall Plovdiv and a live feed
Watch some of the best Bulgarian pilots fly indoor racing drones. Feel the thrill through our direct live feed from the camera of the drone.

For the dexterous: Workshop – “How to fly a drone” for kids and adults
Visit our flying classes, where kids and adults will have the possibility to learn the basics of flying a drone. Only safe and light drones weighing around 25-30 grams will be used.

Join us in Mall Plovdiv and have fun in the company of the machines of the future! Many more surprises, games, raffles and others await you.

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