The Slow Side of Summer at Mall Plovdiv

The Slow Side of Summer at Mall Plovdiv


If every morning you find yourself reaching for your beach bag instead of your laptop and if you like imagining the sound of the airconditioner is that of the waves gently caressing the shore, then one thing is for certain – you need a break! Find it in Mall Plovdiv where from 19.06 to 16.07 you can enjoy the Slow Side of Summer along with us.

In order to take part in this most relaxing raffle that can win you an inflatable Bubble bed, all you need to do is spend a 100 leva in the Mall, split between a maximum of two receipts. Register for the draw by showing your receipts at the balloon reception in the Mall and filling in your ticket. You can participate with as many tickets as you want but you‘re only entitled to win one of the prizes.

The winners will be determined by 4 draws:

– First Draw – June 26, 2017
– Second Draw – July 3, 2017
– Third Draw – July 10, 2017
– Fourth Draw – July 17, 2017

Each draw will determine 25 winners and will include all of the tickets accumulated up until that point.

The winners will be announced on the Mall Plovdiv Facebook page.

Good Luck!

Намери в мола